Bookshelf – Checkout What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Recently I was on another blog and saw the coolest thing – they had a book shelf through Amazon where they could display the books they recently read. I absolutely LOVE reading so I thought this would be a great addition to my blog!

The link at the top of the page for Bookshelf goes to my personal Amazon page where I display some books that I recently finished. I generally reach for more girly books and I like to read teen fiction novels, so you will see a lot of that. I also like some dark, twisty novels (Gone Girl!) so I have a couple of those as well.


Let me know what you think of the Bookshelf and what types of books you are reading! Would love any suggestions for future reads!




DIY Holiday Gifts

Each year, I try to think of something creative to make to give away for Christmas presents. I love shopping, but there is something about giving a present that I crafted that means more to me. I enjoy making things and especially at Christmas, I like to hone in on my creativity and make gifts for friends and family.

Coming up with the idea is the hardest part for me. Once I know what I want to do, its just a quick trip to the craft store or grocery store and I’m on my way to a fun crafternoon.

Here are some of the ideas that I have for this year!

Cookies in a Jar

I have actually made this before and was thinking of doing it again. Its very easy to make–just remember to use a funnel to get everything in the jar. I think it is super cute to decorate it for Christmas and use pretty ribbon! This is the perfect gift for Aunts and Uncles or for boyfriends mom.

Image from here.
Recipe from here.

Hand Poured Candles

I love candles. There is something soothing about the scent and warmth provided from a candle. I think this is a great gift for someone you want to give extra warmth and show that you care. The process is kind of tricky, but I want to attempt this for my candle loving friends. Also, I think the little mason jars are the cutest things! My grandmother has boxes full of them, so I would use her old fashioned ones from canning jam.

Image and directions from here.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

This idea is so cute! And seems like it will be super easy. This is perfect for the wine connoisseur or anyone who loves a nice glass of vino! I plan to buy wine glasses at either Home Goods or ikea. The chalkboard paint can be purchased at Home Depot. You can dip the base of the glass into the paint and set to dry. Wait at least a week to hand wash. Add some chalk and a bottle of wine, and the present is complete!

Image from here.

Knitted Floor Pouf

This one is actually something I want to make for myself. I have always wanted to learn to knit and I think these floor poufs are adorable! This pattern seems simple enough and might be the perfect challenge for boring winter nights.

Photo and pattern from here.
If you have any other ideas or projects that you are going to give away as gifts this holiday season, leave a comment below!