New Apartment: Lake Calhoun

I recently moved into a new apartment that is located by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. I’m right across from Minikahda and overlook the Greenway. if you aren’t from Minnapolis, the Greenway is a very long bike path that stretches from the outer suburbs and through Minneapolis and St. Paul.

With moving comes a new, fresh space to design and re-invent my personal style. I’m so excited to share my journey to creating the perfect space for me. The apartment is relatively small, so it won’t take much. But I want to document all of my new design features and ideas here.

Here are some pictures that showcase the “before”.

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Have you heard or Wayfair or All Modern? These websites have been a lifesaver with shopping for home goods. I can conveniently shop online and get new ideas for how I want to decorate. Let me know if you guys have purchased anything on there before. I have bought a couple things – another post to come!

xo, KK