Oh Hey!

Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe it has nearly been 2 months since I posted! To be honest, I just didn’t know if I wanted to keep blogging or find something else to work on. After a couple months off, I really do miss it and really want to put in the effort this time. Its like a relationship! You gotta put in the effort.

But anyways. A little bit of life lately. Still working at the ad agency on international marketing. Started working out at CorePower Yoga as much as possible. I’m skipping tonight to go to Trivia. Which brings me to the “Wolfpack”. A group of friends who are single, figuring out life, and overall trying to have a good time. It all started about the time I stopped blogging (funny how that happened) and a few of my friends and I started going to trivia night. Trivia led to bingo and other nights out. We went to a lovely dinner for Valentine’s day (so we wouldn’t be alone). Sigh.

What else? Basically my love life is just messed up. Like for real. I can’t even. I have been “focusing on me” the last couple months and I am finally back into a routine. Like, no expecting text messages, no expecting good night phone calls, nothing. What do I really want though? I don’t know. Apparently I want a challenge. As I am a very challenging person to date, I can only imagine what my match will be. Oh Lord.

So, next? What is next–I do not know. I have been on auto pilot the last few weeks and really want to “shake it up”. AKA I need to find a new challenge. Whether its at work or my dating life, I need something. Or, I thought, keeping up with this blog could just be it.

So there ya go. My challenge to myself. Start writing like I mean it. And write a lot.

That’s all for now. More to come (hopefully). And here is a little image I found that completely fits where I am at in life right now. Just trying to find myself in this journey.


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