Thinking About Valentine’s Day

I really love all holidays. I love any chance to celebrate anything, big or little. When I realized that there were a ton of pins on Pinterest about Valentine’s Day going around, I wanted to make a list of ideas I want to try out for this years holiday.

 Chocolate Heart Peanut Butter Cookies recipe here
 Paper Heart Wrappings–I want to make these for my friends and mail them with a little note or bracelet…if you read this, act surprised when you get it! how to make here
 Valentine sprinkle pretzels–dip pretzels in melted almond bark and sprinkle on your choice of festive sprinkles
 Two Tone Cup Cakes–I would make chocolate cupcake mix and strawberry cupcake mix and top with vanilla icing
Heart Candle Votives how to here

I’m thinking this weekend will be a good time to make my valentines and the candle votives. Spreading out Valentines Day over a few weekends to get the maximum holiday feeling 🙂

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?


(all images via pinterest)


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