Falling for Fur

I forgot to mention my little purchase that I made this past weekend in Sioux Falls. Bopping around the mall, looking at sales, I found this great fur scarf that I instantly fell in love with. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to wear it, considering it looked a little bulky at first. After playing around with it for a few days, I wore it to work today. It was the perfect accent for this plain shirt and kept me warm all day long!

After work and my favorite Zumba class, I went out to Chatterbox and played games and had dinner. Here is the fur scarf!

 Playing classic Scrabble, however, I like to make up my own words (does tweedles and ting count?)

 Super yummy cheeseburger with 2 barbeque sauces. Love.

Well, so much for running errands tonight! Playing games and drinking wine was way more fun!

Things to think about:
1. Going to Target to use all the coupons I printed.
2. Hitting up Home Depot to buy some cream and gold paint for my nightstand/table.
3. Do I want to do “The Mixx” or “Hip Hop” tomorrow at LTF? Or both?



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